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10 hour car rides with this fool by chloe churuks



A fellow RISD friend Devon is the senior concept artist at Motiga and they are about to be releasing Gigantic, which looks like a whole basket of awesome. The character design and the whole visual layout just straight up wins all the points. 

Check out Devon’s work here: Gorrem

And go to the Gigantic website and watch the video! It will make your brain melt.  

Had to reblog! These gifs of our trailer are hawt. Thanks Justin!



It’s hilarious because, yeah, egotistical and a monument to his own face, but it struck me as how that’s 100% an Asgardian thing to do.  Everything I have ever learned about Asgardian architecture and design, from studying all the different sources as best I can, is two things:

They love giant ugly statues and E V E R Y T H I N G is made out of gold.

The only thing Loki is missing here is a water feature and I would not be surprised if he put a goddamned fountain in the middle of that big ugly statue of himself.  SERIOUSLY, I LOVE IT, IT’S SUCH AN ASGARDIAN THING TO DO, YOU CAN TAKE THE LITTLE SHIT OUT OF ASGARD, BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE ASGARD OUT OF THE LITTLE SHIT.



do you ever find an artist whose work just fills you with so much energy you want to run up a hill and fight a kestrel? okay, so, maybe not a kestrel but caramelkeks is totally one of those artists and I was so super happy that she agreed to do a GF fanart trade with me despite my horrible schedule and hecked up arm :’D

lines by caramel and colours by me! sorry I was so slow getting my lineart to you buddy I feel like I’m cheating posting this first ajsghajsg

SCREEAMS oh my god there are no words to describe how PERFECT THIS IS HNNGG EVERYONE I LOVE THIS PERSON SO MUCH OKAY I LOVE YOU MAN aaahh <33

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